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Academic Achievements

Year after year Royal Institute results in Cambridge/Edexcel IGCSE, AS and A/Level examinations have been outstanding. Some of our students have achieved world’s best results even surpassing UK students. Following results of high achievers are testimony.

Year 2009

In the 2009 Edexcel IGCSE examination Anchaliya Chandrakumaran became the “World’s Best” in Human Biology and simultaneously was the “World’s Third” (and Sri Lanka First) in Chemistry and ICT.

Chethana Ketagoda was the “World’s Best” in Sinhala. At the A/Levels 2009 Malik Fouze was “World’s Third” (Sri Lanka First) in Applied ICT. Shasitha Kularatne in the 2010 A/Level examination achieved 4 “A” Grades and an average of 98.75 marks which is an outstanding performance.

Year 2010

Among the high achievers in the Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary Level examination 2010, were 3 outstanding performers:

Weerakkody Semini Mendis who was the “Top in the World” in Business Studies. A notable fact is that it is the second time our students achieved the “Top in the world” catagory for Business Studies.

D.P. Rashmin Amasha Pathirana was “Top in Sri Lanka” in Chemistry.

Munesh Jayatunga “Top in Sri Lanka” in Accounting.

In the O/Levels which D.P. Rashmin Amasha Pathirana got the category of “Best Across four Cambridge A/S levels,

Weerakkody Semini Mendis, Munesh Jayatunga and Sandali Tharuni Bambarandage were best across three Cambridge AS levels.

In the Cambridge O/Levels Promodya De Silva and Jayasekera obtained 7 “A” Grades. At the Cambridge Advanced Level examination Chathura Purandara Muthukumarana achieved 4 “A” Grades and Rojitha De Silva, Buddhi Mahipala, Oshadie Dissanayake, Kaushalya Karunaratne, Andrew Graham Perera and Oshadie Wickramasekera Obtained 3 “A” Grades each.

In the London (Edexcel) Advanced Level examinations 9 students obtained 4 straight “A” grades and 11 students passed with 3 “A” grades with most of them getting over 90 marks in their subjects earning stars.

At the Advanced Subsidiary examination 11 students and 6 students achieved 4 and 3 “A” grades respectively. At the Edexcel IGCSE (O/Level) examination, while one student obtained 8 “A” grades, 2 other obtained 7 “A” grades and all of them getting more than 90 marks in their subjects and earning stars. 14 others obtained 5 to 6 “A” grades and earned stars.


List of Award Winners for Royal Institute Colombo

June 2010 GCE A/L Grade Awards

3 A * Grades
Sivaraman Dhuwaaragesh

4 A* Grades
Shashitha Chamara Kularatne

June 2010 GCE O/L World Prize Winners

Tamil (02nd)
Chaumeka Naveenakumar

June 2010 IGCSE World Prize Winners

Biology (04th)
Hashini Dilshani

June 2011 GCE A/L Grade Awards

3 A*s
Pamodha Buddima Somasiri
Visaahan Jeyaratna
Nimesha Sumaduri Palliyaguru

4 A*s
Hasini Sunirma Wickramasinghe
Mariadas Capsran Roshan
Abinayaa Uthayakumar

June 2011 IGCSE World Prize Winners

* Biology (02nd)
   Rani Narmadha Ramakrishnan

* Mathematics A (01st)
   Rani Narmadha Ramakrishnan

June 2011 GCE A/L World Prize Winners

* Applied ICT (01st)
   Mariadas Capsran Roshan

June 2011 Cambridge AS Level World Prize Winners

* Top in the World (Mathematics)

   Taraka Promadya De Silva


June 2011 Cambridge AS Level Sri Lanka Prize Winners


* Top in Sri Lanka (Computing)

   Taraka Promadya De Silva


* Top in Sri Lanka (Biology)

* Top in Sri Lanka (Chemistry)

* Top in Sri Lanka (Physics)

   Vinodh Dissanayake






Year 2011

At the Edexcel IGCSE June 2011 examination, 6 students obtained 6 to 9 A's which included A*s for major subjects while 24 others obtained 4 to 5 A's with a majority of them getting A*s for most of the subjects.

The performance of Madhuni Wickramasinghe who obtained 9 A's with 6 A*s topped the list.

Chathurangi Halwattage was a close second with 8 A's including 4 A*s.

Narmada Ramakrishnan got 7 A's including 4 A*s. A total of 55 students passed the examination with 4 A's or more plus A*s.

Seventeen students passed the Edexcel GCE Advanced Subsidiary Level examination, 6 of them with 4 A's and 3 with 3 A's.

The performance of students in the Edexcel GCE Advanced Level examination is very impressive with 8 students obtaining 4 straight A's including many A*s. Among others there were 10 students who achieved 3 A's. Hasini Sunirma Wickramasinghe and Mariyadas Capsran Roshan were the best performers.

At the Cambridge O/Level June 2011 examination 17 students obtained 6 to 9 A's including many A*s while 9 other obtained 5 A's with most of them getting A*s for a range of subjects.

Janith Chandula Petangoda obtained 9 straight A's which included 8 A*s and topped the list .

Anuja Ravin Gamage was a close second obtaining 9 straight A's including 4 A*s.

Overall 24 students obtained 4 A's and 4 others obtained 3 A's. There performance of S.A. Don Vinodh Dissanayake in the Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary Level examination is fantastic. He scored 4 A*s which included 100 marks for Chemistry, 100 marks for Physics, 100 marks for Biology and 99 marks for Mathematics. This is undoubtly an extremely rare feat.

The results of the Cambridge GCE Advanced Level examination too are impressive. Rashmin Amasha Pathirana topped the list obtaining 4 straight A's including 3 A*s.

Dulangi Kanchana followed with 4 A's. Out of the 9 others who passed the examination, 5 students obtained 3 A's which included A*s for many subjects.


* High Achievers at the Cambridge/Edexcel

    OL/AS/AL Examinations 2014


* High Achievers at the Cambridge/Edexcel

   OL/AS/AL Examinations 2015


* High Achievers at the Cambridge

   AL/AS & OL Examinations 2016


* Outstanding Cambridge Award Winners 2016

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