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Royal Institute established its latest school branch at No. 163, Maya Avenue, Colombo 06 on 15th September 2008 as Royal Institute International Girls School in order to accommodate the aspirations of a large number of parents who wished to educate their daughters in a school meant exclusively for girls.

While only girls are in classes from Grade 3 onwards, Nursery up to Grade 2 has a mix of boys and girls. Once the children are promoted to Grade 3 they are transferred to the school at Havelock Town and the girls, if they wish to, may continue their education at the Maya Avenue School thus ensuring that from Grade 3 onwards the school is exclusively for girls. Currently there are around 600 students.

The school mainly follows the British Curriculum and prepared students for Cambridge examination.

The school is well equipped with a modern computer laboratory, science laboratories and a library with an extensive collection of text books and other books. The well qualified panel of Teachers are committed to providing a very successful academic programme and maintaining good discipline. Students are afforded opportunities and encouraged to take part in a wide range of extra curricular and cocurricular activities.

Vice Principal's Message

Royal Institute International Schools mainly follow the Cambridge syllabus and provide high quality education from the Play Group up to A/Levels. A stream in the National Curriculum is also available. Royal Institute has been in this field since 1971.

This Institute provides opportunities to its students not only to develop their knowledge but also to grow in personality and stature as we give an all round education with skills and values needed in today's society.

A child who gains admission to this prestigious institution will definitely be an asset to society once he/she completes studies and faces life with strength and confidence.

Vice Principal
Royal Institute International Girls' School
Maya Avenue

Colombo 6



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