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Spoken English


These courses are intended for college students, school leavers as well as for those who are employed and who are keen to improve their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar in general and communicative skills in particular, so that they may be able to communicate in English with confidence. Grammar will be taught at all levels in order to improve the above skills.


All students seeking admission to these courses are required to sit for the placement test which consists of  written and oral tests for all new students.

1. Elementary :

 This course is for those who do not have a basic knowledge of communicating in English. Who can understand simple sentences but can not speak properly or cannot speak at all. They will learn introduction to commonly used vocabulary and a guide to basic conversation.

2. Preliminary :

This course is designed for those who can speak simple sentences but are unable to speak on different topics. It will also cover simple conversations to give students confidence in using the language.

3. Intermediate:

At this level students are able to speak on different topics, but can’t use effective language and expressions. The students will learn how to use the language effectively. 

4. Advanced:

This course is intended for those who successfully complete the Intermediate level, obtaining at least a credit pass Students, at the end of course, will be able to use English confidently and fluently.  They will be exposed to a variety of conversational situations and complex structures of the language.


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